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The New BIM Standard
for Modular, Prefab & Repeatable Design Collections

KitConnect is an End-to-End
Design Management Solution (DMS)
Purpose-Built for AEC

The KitConnect Process
KitConnect Components

Component A: Office Unit (Assembly)

  • Component B (Sub-Assembly)

  • Component C (Sub-Assembly)

  • Component D (Sub-Assembly)

Component D: Mech

Component B: Elec

Component C: Arch

Break the BIM Barrier

KitConnect Components move you beyond the limitations of out-of-the-box Revit elements. Maximize design re-usability with a true assembly logic-based data object that supports all native Revit Families and System Families.

Workflows that Power Your
Product-to-Project Lifecycle

KitConnect Create Components

Create Components

Create Icon

Create an arrangement of Revit elements that offer infinite levels of nesting to create hierarchical & relational design collections. 

Quality Check

Maintain Quality

and brand consistency by developing kits specifically for your products, projects and design standards.

Improve Productivity

Productivity Icon

by creating repeatable layouts from existing projects to use on new projects. 

Manufacturing Icn



by creating, curating, and distributing traditional, prefab, or manufacturer content to design teams.

Not Just for Modular

Architects reviewin plans

Elevate BIM Design:

  • Lower the risk of errors with re-usable standardized design content of previously approved components.

  • Configure modules to exact needs while ensuring content adheres to design standards.

  • Gain immediate contribution from new designers and consultants with centralized content and quicker onboarding to understand constraints or design standards.

  • Enhance collaboration methods with the internal and external project teams.

  • Control access and editing rights to standard content with roles and user permissions.

  • Simplify and expand collaboration among teams working from multiple locations.

  • Save time managing fewer designs.

​KitConnect is purpose-built for design repeatability and reuse. Ideal for both traditional and industrialized construction projects, each stakeholder throughout the building project lifecycle realizes unique benefits. 

Hospital Room
Multi-Family Housing
Data Center
Retail Building



Data Centers


Office Buildig
Hotel Room
Warehouse in Factory




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