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Discover the Power of KitConnect Features 

Automate routine tasks, keep track of your progress, and get visionary insight into project performance – all in one place.

Industry-Leading Features Designed to Streamline Your Architectural and Prefab BIM Projects.

KitConnect design Application

This is where the magic happens. The design application allows you to create, modify, and manage smart building components directly in Autodesk Revit. It's not just about designing; it’s about designing smarter.

KitConnect Desktop Application

KitConnect web app

The Web App serves as your command center It provides a centralized location for all project data, allowing for efficient collaboration and coordination among team members. It’s the ultimate tool for managing your project data.

KitConnect Web Application

Design Faster & Optimize Billable Hours

KitConnect components

A KitConnect Component is a powerhouse of efficiency, precision, and innovation in architectural and prefab design. Think of it as a building block, a pre-configured, reusable entity that forms the backbone of your design, but with a twist. Leverage the power of repeatability without the constraints of links or master files.

Improve Processes & Project Organization

KitConnect kits

A KitConnect Kit is akin to a master key or library, unlocking a world of efficiency, precision, and innovation. It's a collection of data-rich, pre-configured building components that can be seamlessly integrated into your Autodesk Revit projects.

Better Coordination with Clear Data Ownership

KitConnect Projects

A KitConnect Project is the primary entry point to access KitConnect data, offering an integrated and structured platform for users to manage their design and construction workflows. It's a unique environment where users are added as members and kits are added to projects to provide users with controlled access.

Reduce Risk & Prevent Unwanted Changes

KitConnect Revisions

KitConnect Revisions represent a powerful feature of the KitConnect platform that allows users to manage changes effectively across all projects. This functionality is especially beneficial in maintaining data integrity and minimizing the risk from unwanted changes.

More Tools

Replace Component

Refresh All Components

Share Between Kits

Support for Revit 2024

Display & Filter Versions

Status Notifications

Visually Organize

Refresh Selected

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