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KitConnect Helps You Do More With Revit

Access complex layouts, share between trades, and control revisions all in one platform.

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KitConnect is a software company specializing in design management and building information modeling (BIM). KitConnect is ideal for project types that employ productized or repeatable approaches to building design, such as data centers and multi-family buildings. KitConnect creates data-centric workflows, linking design, manufacture, and construction processes seamlessly in the cloud. KitConnect enables users to do more with Revit while optimizing efficiency and collaboration.

Concept to Design Development

KitConnect introduces infinitely nested Components - a new BIM object that lets users easily create layouts for rooms, electrical and mechanical systems, and more. These objects combine families that can be customized and reused for future projects with just a few clicks.

What Can KitConnect Do For You?


Maximize Billable Hours

Accelerate Design

Layout projects faster with pre-configured, reusable design collections

Less Errors & Rework

Reuse standardized designs of previously approved components to lower the risk of errors

Maintain Standards

Tailor the modules to your specific requirements and manage access.

Enhance Collaboration

Organize, share, and control access to approved designs with the entire project ecosystem. 

Talk to a KitConnect expert to learn more about the unique benefits to your company and the industries you serve.

KitConnect for Any Industry

​KitConnect facilitates design repeatability and reuse ideal for both traditional and industrialized construction projects. KitConnect streamlines BIM projects with repeatable elements, saving time and money for businesses of all sizes. Simplify complex tasks in minutes with our platform.

Hospital Room


Quickly layout healthcare facilities with repeatable BIM components like patient rooms and surgical suites.

Multi-Family Apartment Building


Maintain a well-structured and consistent approach to designing and constructing multifamily housing projects.

Prefab Wall Assembly Placed on Site

Prefab & Modular

Rapidly generate componentized buildings and enable an efficient product to project design process.

KitConnect Events

Join us for upcoming and past events!

KitConnect: Do More with Revit

Recording Now Available!

KitConnect: Premiere

Recording Now Available!

If you're looking for something more customized to your company's unique applications, schedule a discovery and demonstration.

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