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Your journey to a better way of designing and managing BIM projects in Autodesk Revit begins here.

With the lines between design, construction, and fabrication coming together more closely than ever before, it can be difficult for companies to stay ahead of the curve when modernizing their technology.

You need more than just building information modeling (BIM) to stay competitive. You need a platform that allows your team to collaborate, streamline workflows, and ensure safety and quality standards are met, all while saving time and money.

Clients Using KitConnect

KitConnect is a software company specializing in design management and building information modeling (BIM).


KitConnect is ideal for project types that employ productized or repeatable approaches to building design, such as data centers and multi-family buildings.


KitConnect creates data-centric workflows, linking design, fabrication, and construction processes seamlessly in the cloud.


KitConnect lets users do more with Revit by optimizing efficiency and collaboration.

Digital Representation of KitConnect
What is KitConnect

Increase Operational Efficiency While Mitigating Risk

Globally manage project and content lifecycles to improve BIM data management across all projects simultaneously.

establish clear data ownership

Protect project and content from unwanted changes

Data Ownership in KitConnect

Speed Repeatable Design

Ensure standards and promote shareable, reusable BIM components

KitConnect Component Management

Industry Applications

 Centralize all repeatable building components and prove feasibility to ensure consistency across your build. 

Choose Your Path

Architectural Design

Frustrated Architect

Ready to eliminate inefficient workflows, poor collaboration, increased costs, and blown deadlines? 

prefab/modular design

Frustrated Prefab Designer

Ready to eliminate the lack of organization, missed deadlines, cost overruns, and frustration? 

KitConnect Events

Meet the Team

The team at KitConnect brings with them decades of experience in Architecture, Traditional and Industrialized Construction, and building information modeling (BIM) from companies like Autodesk, Project Frog, Katerra, and earthmine. Together with our clients, we strive to create more efficient systems that enable them to build smarter, faster, and with better results. We are committed to delivering on our promise of creating a better future for the industry. 


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