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KitConnect Elevates AEC
BIM Design

The ultimate design management tool for building designers to pursue larger, more complex projects faster and more accurately.

Maximize Billable Hours

The problem

Managing billable hours as an architect can be an overwhelming challenge. Creating detailed BIM models takes extensive time and coordination. Time and effort spent on conceptual design is often wasted when moving to design development. 

what if you could

Improve architectural time management through standardized design collections and integration with Revit. Effortlessly reuse components to minimize errors and focus your valuable time on billable client work. Scale up projects rapidly without drowning in administrative overhead.

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KitConnect is the smart BIM platform that building designers trust for optimizing billable time. Experience the simplicity of streamlined workflows and watch your productivity soar.

Get Back to Design

The problem

Project management in BIM is extremely challenging. Juggling unwanted changes, unauthorized content, and design quality feels impossible. The rework takes you away from your passion - creating meaningful designs. 

what if you could

Focus on bringing your vision to life without risk and micromanaging every detail. Your time is freed up to dedicate to high-value design work that fulfills you. You have the support to create freely again.

Modern Architecture

KitConnect modernizes design project management for architects. Centralize information, streamline workflows, and scale with ease - without limiting your creative freedom.

Mitigate Risk

The problem

The complexity of construction and design projects often leads to costly mistakes and damage to reputations. Incorrect specifications, miscalculations, and incomplete drawings put projects at risk. There must be a better way to simplify building design and minimize these risks. 

what if you could

Flawlessly execute even the most complex building projects. By streamlining communication, ensuring the use of current design resources, and reducing complexity, success is within reach. Mistakes leading to delays, disputes, and reputational damage will be a thing of the past.

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KitConnect provides the solution to minimize risks and simplify the entire building design process. Unlock your team's potential and watch excellence emerge.

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Explore the Features That Make All This Possible

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