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Prefab designers huddled around a blueprint

KitConnect Bridges the Gap Between BIM and Prefab Design

Intuitive, automated workflows that enable quick configuration and management of complex assemblies throughout the lifecycle.

Standardize Productization

The problem

Modular construction often leads to cost overruns and delays due to lack of standardization in design and fabrication. The complexity of coordinating design, manufacturing, and assembly is overwhelming for architecture and construction teams.

what if you could

Transform complex construction projects into streamlined, repeatable processes. Standardize design elements and simplify manufacturing with configurable building kits tailored to your needs. Assemble high-quality prefab modules faster with less waste and errors. 

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Transition to a productized approach with KitConnect for Revit. We make standardization and prefabrication simple, allowing you to improve workflows. You can shift your focus from one-off designs to scalable and efficient construction.

Enable Prefab Design Processes

The problem

Managing complex BIM assemblies and prefabricated components can be an overwhelming challenge during construction projects. Adapting systems and workflows to new technologies often slows down progress.  

what if you could

Use an intuitive solution to streamline the configuration and lifecycle management of complex building assemblies. Less time configuring means faster project delivery. Construction innovation doesn’t have to be frustrating.

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KitConnect offers automated workflows that enable quick configuration and management of complex assemblies throughout the lifecycle.

Overcome Design Limitations

The problem

Designing and managing complex building components for prefabricated and modular construction can be incredibly frustrating. Juggling designs across teams while ensuring constructability is a huge challenge.

what if you could

Spend less time coordinating designs and more time innovating. Break down silos between teams and eliminate design roadblocks. Focus on the joy of creating groundbreaking systems instead of fighting your tools.

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KitConnect helps prefab designers seamlessly create, curate, distribute, and iterate on designs through an integrated platform. Streamline collaboration across your organization.

Digital representation of building components emerging from a computer

Explore the Features That Make All This Possible

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