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KitConnect Shines at Autodesk University 2023: A Deep Dive into BIM Management Revolution

Updated: Feb 5

Autodesk University 2023, the premier conference for those who design and make the world around us, concluded recently in Las Vegas.

The KitConnect team brought their A-game to booth 1114, showcasing their cutting-edge BIM productization and management solution. The team demonstrated the power of their platform, focusing on key features like Revit Family Management and BIM Data Connection. These features are designed to revolutionize workflows by offering efficient organization, real-time insights, and informed decision-making capabilities.

The KitConnect Team at Autodesk University

Brad Taris, a key contributor to the booth's design and presentation, shared their experience at the event. "Participating in Autodesk University 2023 was an incredible opportunity," they said. "We were able to learn from other exhibitors while showcasing our own solution to industry professionals."

The event also fostered networking and collaboration. KitConnect made connections with numerous industry leaders, laying the groundwork for potential partnerships that promise to push the boundaries of BIM management.

Another team member, Joe Gould, reflected on the value of these collaborations. "By interacting with other industry professionals, we gained insights into the market's evolving needs. This will help us refine our product to better serve our customers," they noted.

In the bustling atmosphere of Autodesk University 2023, KitConnect emerged as a beacon of innovation in BIM management. KitConnect’s commitment is to push the boundaries of what's possible in the field. As the dust settles post-event, one thing is clear: KitConnect is not just a participant in the future of BIM management - we're shaping it.

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